D2 Lesson 2

​ D2W01 Dear Mom,

​ D2W02 What’s happening?

​ D2W03 Did Sammy get over the flu yet?

​ D2W04 Did you get your hair cut like you said you would?

​ D2W05 I was able to get most of my classes finally,

​ D2W06 but some are in the morning and some are in the afternoon.

​ D2W07 I’ll be running back and forth to the dorm a lot.

​ D2W08 I spent a lot more money on books than I had anticipated

​ D2W09 because I had to buy all new ones.

​ D2W10 This has left me a little short,

​ D2W11 and there’s a big ski weekend coming up soon.

​ D2W12 Could you please send me some more money right away?

​ D2W13 Remember, the more you send me, the less I’ll pester you.

​ D2W13 Love you all,

​ D2W14 Stacy