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Dividing Entities

These commands are used for breaking entities into sets of smaller entities.


Menu: Edit / Trim/Extend / Segment

Divides a line or curve into specified segment lengths or a specified number of segments of equal length. Curves will automatically be subjected to Vector Convert (see “Vector Convert” on page 213) before being segmented.

Point 1: Line or curve to be segmented

Enter the values in the Segment window:


Number of Section: The number of segments.

Specify Distance: The Segment command can also divide the line or curve into segments of a specified length. If this is checked, the window will have the following options:


Remove Leftovers: Any bits of the line or curve that are shorter than the desired length are removed from the ends.

Set Cutting Point and Direction: Specify an exact point on the line or curve which should be the start of a segment, and an optional second point for the direction to cut. If only one point is set, the entire line or curve is broken into segments of the desired length, with cuts running in both directions from the point set. If the second point is set, only part of the line is cut into segments, beginning at point 1 and running in the direction of point 2. The remainder of the line on the other side of point 1 is left intact.

Set a point on the line or curve to be segmented.

The object is broken into the requested number of sections or section lengths.

Cut Plane img

Menu: Edit / Cut Plane

Slices a plane into two or more pieces along a line.

Point 1: Cutting line

Point 2: Plane to be cut

The Cut Plane command requires a plane to cut and a line to cut it with. The cutting line, or part of it, is erased during this command, so make a copy if necessary. If you forget, you can Undo the command, copy the line, and re-cut the plane.


NOTE: To erase the cut lines that remain after this command.