Section Cutoff

Cuts off a section of the drawing that intersects a 3D box. It essentially separates everything inside the box from everything outside the box by cutting planes and breaking lines. Even though the drawing looks the same after the Cutoff command, any entity crossing the cutoff box will be cut off.

It is convenient to use this command to cut out a section of an object so it can be moved or deleted.

Point 1: One corner of the cutoff box

Point 2: Opposite corner of the cutoff box Define the section by setting two points in opposite corners of a 3D box. (If DesignCAD is in 2D Mode, a 2D box is used.) Any part of the drawing that crosses the cutoff box boundary will be cut off at the intersection.

Example: Convert a circle into two separate entities.

Select the Section Cutoff command. Set the points for the cutoff box so that a section of the circle is inside the box. After the cutoff box disappears, place the cursor on the section of the circle that was inside the box and click the left mouse button to select it. Notice that only the section is highlighted. This is because it has been redefined as a separate entity. You can manipulate it using any command without affecting the rest of the circle.