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Trim Between Two Lines

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Removes a segment of a line between its intersec- tions with two other lines.

Point 1: Line to be trimmed

Point 2: First intersecting line

Point 3: Second intersecting line

The line is trimmed between the other two lines.

NOTE: In 3D mode, all the lines must lie in the same plane for this command to trim them. In 2D Mode, the command will trim the lines along their XY projections.

Trim Double Lines

Menu: Edit / Trim/Extend / Trim Double Lines

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Trims two sets of double lines at their intersec-tion.

Point 1: Corner of area containing lines to be trimmed

Point 2: Opposite corner of area containing lines to be trimmed

The two sets of lines will be trimmed to their intersection. Depending on the configuration of the lines, they will be trimmed to a “+,” a “T,” or an “L” shape.