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Draws short lines, or tick marks, along a line, curve, ellipse, or circle entity. These tick marks are spaced at specified intervals along the entity.

Point 1: Point on line, curve, or arc

Point 2: Point indicating on which side of line,curve, or arc tick marks are to be drawn

The Tick Marks window contains the following options:


Enter the number of Sections of large tick marks this determines the number of large tick marks to be evenly measured out along the length of the item being marked.


If you would rather determine the exact distance between large tickmarks click the Change button in the window. The Sections box will be replaced with the Mark Distance box. This box lets you specify the exact distance between the large tick marks. To switch back to the Sections box, click the Change button again.

Enter the number of Divisions of tick marks this divides each section up with small tick marks.

Enter the Large Tickmark and Small Tickmark sizes. Set a point on the existing line. Set a point to indicate on which side of the line the tick marks will be drawn. If both points are set in the same location, the tick marks will be centered on the line. Tick marks will be drawn at even intervals along the line, on the side of the second point.

Example: Draw tick marks along a 10 unit line.

Draw a 10-unit-long line using the Line command and choose the Tickmark command. Enter 10 in the Sections box and 4 in the Divisions box. Set a point on the line. Decide on which side of the line the tick marks should be placed. Set another point to that side of the line. The tick marks will be drawn as follows: 10 one-unit sections, 4 divisions to each section.