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Custom Hatch Pattern

NOTE: This section covers how to use hatch patterns found in imported drawings. If you want to create your own hatch patterns from scratch.

If you have a file of another format, such as *.dwg, and this file contains hatch patterns,you can use File / Import to load the file into DesignCAD. The hatch patterns will be available within DesignCAD for the rest of the current drawing session, even if you close the imported files.Hatch patterns imported this way have “AD_” prepended to their names. For example, if the hatch pattern in a .dwg file is called SIDING, it will be called “AD_SIDING” within DesignCAD.

Custom Hatch Pattern: Save

Menu: File / Custom Hatch Pattern / Save

Saves hatch patterns contained in imported drawings.

Hatch patterns (patterns which were imported from another drawing) so that they can be used in future DesignCAD sessions.

By default, the file is saved with a .dch extension. Note that this file will contain ALL currently loaded hatch patterns, including the default DesignCAD patterns. These files are plain text, which can be edited (if you know what you’re doing!)

TIP: A .dch file you save this way will not be automati- cally loaded next time you open DesignCAD; you will need to use the Load command. If you want to perma- nently save all your currently loaded hatch patterns so that they are loaded automatically with each session, use File/Custom Hatch Pattern/Save and save to the filename DCHATCHC.SYS (note the “c” at the end). Be careful not to overwrite the original file DCHATCH.SYS.

Custom Hatch Pattern: Load

Menu: File / Custom Hatch Pattern / Load

Loads previously saved custom hatch patterns and makes them available for use in DesignCAD.

In the Load Hatch Pattern window, browse to the pattern file (*.dch) to load, and click Open.

DesignCAD does not automatically load .dch files when you start a drawing session, so you’ll need to reload the . file for every session when you plan to use it.

NOTE: You could also import the drawing that has the hatch patterns you want to use. These patterns will remain available until you end the drawing session.