Shortcut Key: M

Moves a selected entity or group to another location. One, two, or three points may be used to specify the new location.

Point 1: New location of the handle

Point 2: New location of second handle (optional)

Point 3: New location of third handle (optional)

Select an object or objects, and then choose the Move command. The options are the same as for the Duplicate command.

You can also activate this command by moving the cursor over the primary handle. When the cursor changes into a four-sided arrow, you can move the object in one of two ways:

  1. Press the left mouse button and hold. Drag the selection to the new location.


  1. Click the left mouse button once to lock the Move command. Drag, or use any of the point commands, to select a new location.

If more than one handle has been set for the selection, you can set more than one point when you move the object.