Drawing Compare

The Drawing Compare tool allows you to visually compare two similar drawings and highlight the differences.

Menu: Tools / Drawing Compare

This tool allows you to select two drawings, and visually determine the differences between them.

The Drawing Compare tool creates a bitmap image of two drawings that you select, and then visually highlights the difference between the images.

Select File 1 ... is used to select the first of the two drawings.

Select File 2 ... is used to select the second of the two drawings.

Compare loads each drawing into DesignCAD, produces bitmap images of both drawings, and does a pixel-for-pixel comparison of the images. It then indicates whether or not differences were found.

Settings is used to select how large a bitmap to use for comparison. For larger drawings with a lot of detail, the default size of 1000 pixels may be too small. Note, however, that larger images sizes will result in slower response times.

Use the Zoom icons to zoom in or out, fit the image to the Drawing Compare window, zoom to the full image scale, or zoom in to highlight only the differences. (In some cases, the differences may be all around the border of the combined drawings, in which case Zoom to differences will appear the same as Zoom to window.)

Use the "1" icon to view the first drawing, the "2" icon to view the second, the "Diff" icon to view the differences only, and the "Blink" icon to slowly flash the differences on and off.