Dimension Coordinate

Shortcut Key: F11

Toolbox Icon:


Draws coordinate dimensions relative to a base point. The first point is the base, or reference point, from which subsequent points are dimensioned.

Point 1: Reference point

Point 2: Point to be dimensioned

Point 3: Location for dimension text

If the second point in the pair of points is set above or below the first point, the X-value, or horizontal distance, from the reference point will be placed in the drawing. If the second point is set to the right or left of the first point, the Y-value, or vertical distance, from the reference point will be placed into the drawing. Finally, if the second point in a pair of points is set closer or further away along the Z-axis, the relative Z coordinate is placed into the drawing.

NOTE: The options available in this command are the same ones available in the Dimension command. You can also set dimension parameters globally in the program Options.