Selecting Objects

In order to move or modify objects that you placed on the page (photos, text, etc.), you will need to select the object first. To select an object, click on it once.

You can select multiple objects by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a selection rectangle over the objects you would like to select.

Example of selecting multiple objects using the drag method:

Multiple Objects Drag to SelectThe gray box is the selection rectangle. Any objects that are fully or partially inside the selection rectangle will be selected when you release the mouse button.

Single Object Drag to SelectYou may use this click-and-drag method when selecting a single object as well.

You can also select multiple objects one at a time by holding down the Shift key while clicking on the objects. If multiple objects are already selected, deselect a single object by clicking on the object with the left mouse button while holding down the Shift key.

To select all the clip art on a project page, choose Arrange > Select All Clip Art from the menu.

To select all of the objects on a project page, choose Arrange > Select All from the menu.