Check Spelling

The Print Shop for Macintosh spell checker processes the entire project, checking all text boxes on unlocked project pages for spelling. To run the spell check:

  1. Click on the Check Spelling icon Check Spelling Icon in the Share Ribbon Tab, or choose Check Project > Check Spelling from the menu.

  2. Choose the option to check the entire project at the next prompt (recommended), unless you are resolving spelling issues on specific pages. After making a selection, click OK and the spell check will begin. 72

  3. If the spell checker finds misspelled words, it will launch the Check Spelling dialog. The following image and list describe the function of each button in the dialog:

  4. Ignore - Leaves the current word as it is and moves on to the next misspelling.

  5. Ignore All - Leaves the current word and any identical words in the entire project as they are.
  6. Change - Replaces this instance of the word in the Not in dictionary field with the one in the Change to field.
  7. Change All - Replaces this and all subsequent instances of the word in the Not in dictionary field with the one in the Change to field.
  8. Suggest - If the spell checker doesn't automatically provide alternate words in the Suggestions field, click on this button.
  9. Add - Places the current word into the dictionary and continues with the spell check process.
  10. Undo - When making multiple changes within the same text box, this allows you to return the last word you changed to its former spelling.
  11. Cancel - Exits the spell checker.

  12. The spell check will pop up a dialog box to inform you when it has finished checking the text in the project.