Editing Photos

Click on a photo to open the Photos section of the Ribbon Tabs:


See the function descriptions below for more details.

Add Photo

Click on this icon or choose Insert > Add Photo from the menu to add a new photo to the current project page. See Adding Photos for more information.


Click on this button to add a matte(a border or frame around a photo) to a photo, or to edit an existing matte on the currently selected photo.


  • ClickApply to apply the matte.

Photo Drop Shadow

Click on this button to add a shadow to a photo, or to edit a photo's existing shadow. A shadow makes the photo stand out and gives it a sense of depth on the page.


In the Shadow Properties dialog:

  • Ensure that the Enable Shadow box is checked. Clear the check in the box to remove the shadow.
  • Use the Opacity slider to affect how dark or light the shadow is.
  • Use the Blur slider to increase or decrease the sharpness of the shadow's edge.
  • Click on the Change button next to the Color box to choose the shadow's color. See the Choose Color topic for more information on choosing colors.
  • Click on the shadow in the area to the top right and hold the mouse button while dragging to adjust the shadow's placement. You may also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to nudge the shadow.
  • Check the On this page box to add a shadow with the same settings to each of the photos on the current page.
  • Check the In this project box to add a shadow with the same settings to all photos on every page in the project.
  • Click on the Reset to Default button to clear the current settings.
  • Click on the Save as Default button to save the current settings as the default settings for photos in The Print Shop for Macintosh. To clear default settings, click The Print Shop for Macintosh menu and choose Preferences, click on the Shadow tab, check the Photos box, and click Reset to System Default.
  • The Remove button is another method for removing the shadow. This method allows you to remove shadows from all photos in the project, all photos on the page, or the selected photo. After clicking the Remove button, select your choice in the new window that appears.
  • Click OK to place the shadow.

Add Photo Box

Click on this icon to add a new photo box to the page. The photo box will appear in the center of the page. You can then drag it to a new location, resize it, or fill it.

Note: The difference between this and the Add Photo function is that if you delete a photo from the page that you added by filling a photo box, the photo box will remain (allowing you to maintain the layout and fill the box with another photo). On the other hand, if you delete a photo that was added using the Add Photo function, no photo box will remain.


Use this tool to display the desired part of a photo.

  1. With a photo selected, click on the Crop icon from Photos in the Ribbon Tabs. The Crop window opens with the photo in it.
  2. If the photo is already cropped, it will show the current crop area. Skip to step 3. If the photo does not have a currently defined crop area, the mouse cursor becomes a crosshair. Position the crosshair, then click and hold the mouse button down while dragging the mouse to define the crop area, and release the mouse button. a26
  3. You can drag the crop area around by clicking on it and holding down the mouse button as you move the mouse. You can also increase or decrease the crop area size by clicking on the box with the arrows at the bottom right corner of the crop region and holding the mouse button down as you drag the mouse.
  4. To start over, or to display the entire photo, click on the Clear Crop button in the bottom left corner of the window.
  5. When you are satisfied with your crop area selection, click on the OK button. The grayed out parts of the photo will not be shown on the page. Your photo will be the same size as the crop area and will not resize to fit a photo box (if originally added from a template).

Rotate 90° Left/Rotate 180°/Rotate 90° Right

This feature makes it easy to correct photos that were taken in different orientations (portrait and landscape) so that everything is right side up. The left button rotates the photo 90° counter-clockwise, the middle button flips it vertically, and the right button rotates it 90° clockwise.

Rotate (by Degrees)

To rotate a photo, drag the slider to set the angle of rotation. The number in the box at the top right will show the angle in degrees. Negative numbers represent counter-clockwise rotation. You may also type the angle of rotation in the box by clicking in the box, entering the number, and hitting Enter/Return on the keyboard.


This allows you to make photos semi-transparent (the original state of the photo is 100% opaque - not transparent at all). Drag the slider to the left to make a photo more transparent or drag the slider to the right to make a photo more opaque (less transparent).

Zoom In/Zoom Out

These buttons allow you to increase or decrease the amount of the photo that is shown, while maintaining the photo's size. Click on the plus icon to make a portion of the photo larger (zoom in). Click on the minus icon to display more of the photo (zoom out).

Photo Effects

Click on this drop-down menu to select an effect for the selected photo.

  • Black & White - Transforms a color photo into a black and white photo.
  • Sepia - Applies a brown and white coloration to the photo like early 20th century photographs.
  • Blue - Applies blue coloration to the photo.
  • Red - Applies red coloration to the photo.
  • Brighten - Moves the balance of light and dark shades in the photo more toward the light shades.
  • Darken - Moves the balance of light and dark shades in the photo more toward the dark shades.
  • Mirror - Turns the photo around horizontally, as if you were seeing it in a mirror.
  • Flip - Turns the photo upside down.
  • Blur - Softens the focus, reducing the definition of the photo.
  • Sharpen - Increases the focus, or definition, of the photo.
  • Negative - Reverses the colors in a photo, as if viewing a film/photo negative.
  • Gamma Correction - Changes the brightness values of the gray tones without dramatically altering the shadows and highlights.
  • Emboss - Makes the photo look like foil has been placed over the photo, sculpted to the photo's contours, and then colorized.
  • Sketch - Simulates a pencil drawing of the photo.
  • Impressionist Painting - Gives the photo an artistic, brushed look.
  • Fish Eye - Simulates the photo through a fisheye lens, a lens that distorts photos to make the middle portion of the photo appear larger and the outer edges smaller.
  • Effect Amount - Certain effects, such as Brighten and Darken, also include the option to choose how much of the effect to apply. Drag the slider to the right to apply more of the effect or to the left to apply less.

Photo Shape

By default, the Photo Shape is a square/rectangle. To change the Photo Shape, click on this icon, click on a shape icon, and click OK.

After selecting a photo shape, if you would like to modify the shape without affecting the photo, click on the Crop button (instead of using the gray boxes on the sides and corners of the photo).

Photo Edit

Clicking on this button will bring up the Object Settings dialog, which allows you to make exact adjustments to the size and location of the photo.


Click on the up or down arrows next to each field, or select a number and type in a new value to change the settings.

  • X - Changes the horizontal position of the selected object.
  • Y - Changes the vertical position of the selected object.
  • Width - Changes the width of the selected object.
  • Height - Changes the height of the selected object.
  • Keep Proportions - When checked, this option automatically adjusts the height as you change the width, and vice versa, to keep the photo from becoming distorted. Clear the check to allow stretching.

Photo Replace

Click on this button to put a different photo in the place of a current photo. See Adding Photos for instructions. The new photo will inherit the size, position, and photo shape of the current photo.

Photo Remove

Clicking on this button will delete the selected photo. If the photo was originally a photo box, the photo box will remain in place of the deleted photo. You can select the photo box and delete it also.