Line Tool/Editor

Now we have a Line tool editor. You can add points or curves to the line to create very distinct custom lines. We also have Starter lines, prebuilt with curves, zigzag, waves, etc.

  • Open the Shapes and Lines tab under Ribbon Tabs.
  • Click on the Add Line icon.
  • In the Line Editor dialog select one of the starter lines.
  • You may change to another starter line at any time in the Line Editor dialog by left-clicking any of the starter line icons.
  • To customize a starter line, select any part of the line to bring up the edit buttons.
  • You may delete a line, insert a point, curve or change between line & curve using the buttons on the left of the editor.
  • To adjust a line or curve select it with a left click, place your cursor over one of the grey anchor points, left-click & hold, then drag the point to a new position & release.
  • When you are satisfied with the line you have click OK to apply it to your page.