Viewer Mode

Viewer Mode allows you to see your project in the context of the output you will be creating (printing, photo album, calendar, or greeting card). It is also useful for proofing pages before choosing output options. Check your entire project in this mode before creating output from the Share Project section of the Ribbon Tabs.

  1. To enter Viewer Mode, click on the Preview Project icon in the Share Ribbon Tab, choose View > View Project from the menu. 70

  2. Choose a preview type. Most of the preview types correspond with an output type, with the exception of Page-by-page, which simply displays a large view of all the pages in the project.

Note: The Photo Album preview will prompt you to choose a cover type. Choose Photo Cover if you intend to use your first and last pages as the front and back cover of the photo album. Otherwise, choose Non-Photo Cover.

  1. Once in Viewer Mode, a row of navigation buttons will appear at the bottom of the presentation. Browse through the project using the arrow icons. Some preview types will allow you to go to a specific page by choosing from the Go to page drop-down menu. Page-by-page viewer navigation bar: 71

  2. When you have finished previewing your project, click on the Close button on the far right.