Grouping Objects

Grouping objects will fix the position of objects in relation to one another so that you can edit them without changing their position relative to each other (e.g. a photo and a caption). It also makes it easy to move, rotate, and resize multiple objects at once.

To group objects:

  1. Select all of the objects to be grouped (see Selecting Objects).
  2. Choose Arrange > Group from the menu.

To edit grouped objects:

  1. Moving a Group: Click on the group to move and hold the mouse button down. While holding the mouse button and dragging, the group may be placed anywhere on the page. A light gray outline of the object will assist in placing the group properly.
  2. Resizing a Group: Drag one of the light gray handles (small boxes) that appear at the edge of the group. Corner handles resize the group proportionally, while side handles stretch out a single edge.
  3. Rotating a Group: Hover the mouse above one of the corners of the group until you see a circular arrow cursor. Click and hold down the left mouse button and then drag the mouse to rotate the group. Release the mouse to fix the rotation.
  4. Exact Editing: Right-click on the group and choose Edit Object. This will open the Object Settings window. See the instructions for the Edit topic under Editing Photos for more information about the options in the Object Settings window.

To ungroup objects, click on the object group and choose Arrange > Ungroup from the menu.