Important Project Information

These items are important and will help you avoid serious problems with your projects.

  • Read the Project Output Preparation topic. The information about trim areas will make the difference between excellent results or problematic project output.
  • Do not delete your project files prematurely. Keep your project and all related files on your computer's hard drive until you have created the final output (print, photo album, etc.). If you are sending or uploading the project for printing or other production, keep all files on your computer until you receive and check your shipment.
  • Always exit the software. We highly recommend that you follow the steps in the Check Project menu before using the Share Project menu to create your project output. This will ensure the best results in the final output.
  • Follow all Check Project steps. Always exit the software before logging off or turning off your computer to avoid corrupting your project.
  • Ensure adequate hard drive space.The Print Shop for Macintosh projects require large amounts of hard drive space. Check your computer for free hard drive space on a regular basis. If you run out of space while you are building your project, you may lose some of your work.
  • Backup your projects. To avoid losing your work, we recommend using Time Machine to backup your computer and Print Shop Projects.