Ribbon Tabs

The Ribbon Tabs allows you to quickly modify pages and page objects. Click on a heading (e.g. Backgrounds, Photos, etc.) to show a list of available functions.

The Print Shop for Macintosh Ribbon Tabs (top of the program)


See the topics below to read more about each Ribbon Tabs item.

Editing Photos Editing Text Editing Headline Editing Calendars Editing Clip Art Editing Shapes and Lines Checking a Project Sharing Your Project



Click on Backgrounds to set or change the background of the current project page.

Background Category

  • Click on a background category (e.g. Paper) to open a selection window.
  • For Color backgrounds, see the instructions in the Choose Color topic.
  • For Paper and Texture backgrounds, double-click on category names to show the available backgrounds. Click on a background name to see a preview in the right side of the window. Click OK to apply the background.
  • Click on the Custom icon to open a window for choosing an image file from your hard drive to use as a background. Browse to an image file, click on the thumbnail of the image, and click OK.

Background Opacity

Reducing the opacity of a background will lighten it, (to make dark text easier to read, for example). To adjust the opacity of the background, click on the slider and hold down the mouse button as you drag the slider.

Tile Background

This option allows you to use an image file to create a repeating background pattern.

Apply Background to All Pages

Click on this button to change the background of every page in the project using the current background settings (background image and opacity).

Background Remove

Click on this icon to clear the background of the current project page.