Editing Text

  • To change the contents of a text box, double-click on the text box, or click on the text box to select it and then click the Edit Text button in the Ribbon Tabs.
  • Highlight text in the text preview area by holding the mouse button down as you drag over the text to select. Change style elements of the selected text using the available options in the Text area of the Ribbon Tabs.
  • The following options are available in the Ribbon Tabs under the Text heading: 33

Drop Shadow

  1. Click on the Drop Shadow button to add a shadow underneath the text or to edit an existing shadow. A shadow makes the text stand out and gives it a sense of depth on the page. a28
  2. In the Shadow Properties dialog:
  3. Ensure that the Enable Shadow box is checked. Clear the check in the box to remove the shadow.
  4. Drag the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency of the shadow. Higher values for the slider make the shadow more opaque (darker); lower values make it more transparent.
  5. Click on the Change button next to the Color box to choose the shadow's color. See the Choose Color topic for more information on choosing colors.
  6. Click on the shadow in the area to the top right and hold the mouse button while dragging to adjust the shadow's placement. You may also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to nudge the shadow.
  7. Click on the On this page box to add a shadow with the same settings to all of the text on the current page.
  8. Click on the In this project box to add a shadow with the same settings to all text on every page in the project.
  9. Click on the Reset to Default button to clear the current settings.
  10. Click on the Save as Default button to save the current settings as the default settings for text in The Print Shop for Macintosh. To clear default settings, click The Print Shop for Macintosh menu and choose Preferences, click on the Shadow tab, check the Text box, and click Reset to System Default.
  11. The Remove button is another method for removing the shadow. This method allows you to remove shadows from all text in the project, all text on the page, or just the selected text. After clicking the Remove button, click on your choice in the new window that appears.
  12. Click OK to place the shadow.

Select Font

Change the set of text characters by choosing a font from the Select Font drop-down list.


Change how large the text characters are by choosing a number from the Size drop-down list. You may also type a size directly into the box (hit the Enter or Return key to apply).

Line Spacing

To change the vertical space between lines of text, click on the up or down arrows next to the number in the Line Spacing value. Alternately, type a number between -3 and 3 directly into the Line Spacing field (hit the Enter or Return key to apply).


Click on the B (bold), U (underline), or I (italic) to apply the selected formatting style to the text.


Click on an alignment icon to set the text alignment. Left alignment (the left icon) justifies the text to the top of the text box. Center alignment (the middle icon) centers the text in the middle of the text box. Right alignment (the right icon) justifies the text to the right side of the text box.

Black Text

Click on this icon to change the color of the selected text to black.

White Text

Click on this icon to change the color of the selected text to white.

Change Color

Click on the Change Color icon to change the text color. This opens the Choose Color window.

Match Color

Clicking on this icon opens the Picker tab of the Choose Color window. See the Choose Color topic for more information.


This allows you to make text semi-transparent (the original state of the text is 100% opaque - not transparent at all). Drag the slider to the left to make the text more transparent. Drag the slider to the right to make the text more opaque (less transparent).

Rotate (by Degrees)

To rotate the text, drag the slider to set the angle of rotation. The number in the box at the top right will show the angle in degrees. You may also type the angle of rotation directly into the box and hit Enter/ on the keyboard.

Bulleted Text

To create a bulleted list, add a Text object to the page. Enter you list of items. Select the items you wish to have bullets next to and press the Bulleted icon in the Text tab of the ribbon.


Text Full Justification

Select a text box and press the Full Justification icon in the Text tab of the ribbon to make your text fill the text box along the left and the right edge.


Text Border

You can apply simple border around text objects by clicking the border icon in the Text ribbon tab and adjusting the slider to provide a thick or thin border.


Text Padding

You can add padding to your text box. Click the padding icon in the Text ribbon tab and adjust the slider to define how much padding or space you want between the text and the edges of the text box.