Choose Color

A number of functions provide advanced color choices through The Print Shop MAC's Choose Color dialog.

The Choose Color window will open when you:

  • Click on the Change Color button in the Text or the Shapes and Lines sections of the Ribbon Tabs.
  • Choose the Color category in the Project Backgrounds section of the Ribbon Tabs.
  • Click on the Change button next to Color when adding a shadow to a photo, a shape, or text.
  • Click on the Change button next to Color in the Matte Properties dialog when a shape or photo is selected.

Color palette

The easiest way to select colors is to click on one of the color in color palette through round circle button.

For this or any other method of choosing colors, the Preview area will show the chosen color at bottom with OK button.


  • You can also get your desired color after putting the color code in color code box.