Look out below! It takes speed and accuracy to escape the rockslide in this game. The game becomes more difficult as your Typing Goal improves. When your Typing Goal is set at a greater WPM, rocks fall more quickly from the top of the cliff. Also, words become longer and rocks fall more quickly as the game progresses.

  1. To play the Rockslide game, type the words on the rocks as they fall from the top of cliff on the screen.
  2. Speed and accuracy are equally important. If you mistyped letters, the rocks on which the letters are displayed fall to the bottom of the screen. Rocks may also fall if you do not type the letters on them quickly enough. Rocks at the bottom of the screen cannot be removed.
  3. You want to achieve the highest possible score before the screen fills with rocks.
  4. Type letters fast and accurately to prevent the rocks from falling. Happy climbing!