Adding Students

To create student profiles within a specific class, first select the appropriate class profile name from the Select Your Class drop-down menu. Next, click Add on the Student menu, just below the Class menu, in the Class Management area. An Add Students dialog box appears with multiple text boxes for you to enter the first and last name of up to five students as well as an option for you to immediately add another set of students. You may add a maximum of 100 students per class.


You can type the first and last name of each student, cut and past their names from another document, or import the class roster. For more information about importing student names, see the Importing Student Lists section.

You cannot duplicate student names within or across any of the class profiles. An error message informs you if a student’s name is already being used in the software. In this case, use a student’s middle initial, suffix, number or nickname to differentiate the student’s profile and create it in the program—for example, “Robert Williams Jr,” Henry R James,” “Jenny Brown 2”.


It’s also important to remember that you cannot use special characters, such as a period, comma, or apostrophe, when naming student profiles. In the example above, you can see that periods were omitted.

Finally, student names cannot exceed twenty characters for the first name and twenty characters for the last name.

Once you have populated the First Name and Last Name text boxes, choose from the following options on the Add Student dialog box:

  • Save: Click Save to create new student profiles and return to the Class Management screen.

  • Cancel: Click Cancel to close the Add Students dialog box without adding new student profiles and return to the Class Management screen.

  • Save and Add: This option lets you more rapidly enter student information for an entire class. If you want to create more than five student profiles, click Save and Add after you have filled all the text boxes on the current Add Student dialog box. A new Add Student dialog box with blank text boxes for up to five additional student profiles automatically displays. With the Save and Add button, you do not have to exit the dialog box and activate it again from the Class Management screen; rather, you can continue adding groups of students in sets of five.

When you finished entering all of your student information, click Save to create your new student profiles and return to the Class Management screen. By default, the new student profiles assume the program settings for the entire class. To customize individual student profiles, see the Editing Students section.