Printing Students Progres Reports

Just as with the class progress reports, you can print hard copies of individual student progress reports for your records. You can also provide students and parents with these printouts whenever you deem them necessary. These reports summarize students’ successes as typists and in the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Classroom Edition program. In this sense, they serve as informal report cards.

For this reason, your students do not have access to a print button that would allow them to print them on their own reports. But they can view their progress reports at any time from the Student’s Area Reports screen in the program.

The printing functions on the various types of student progress reports in the Teacher’s Area differ slighly. However, from all the report pages, the program prints in whichever mode you have activated on the Report screen. For example, if you would like to print the report in Standard mode but you are viewing the report in 10-Key mode, you must first use the toggle keys to switch modes.

From the Summary report, clicking Print prints the entire student progress reports. This includes a page with Personal Profile information, such as the student’s first name and the current date, as well as an Overview of the student’s progress through the program. The information in the Overview portion is the same as that which displays in the student’s Summary report.

The student progress report also includes an Accomplishments page. This page provides the color-coded Progress Over Time Graph and a summary of the amount time the student has spent in the program and the amount of quizzes or tests the student has taken.

The final page of the student progress report—entitled the Key Progress Report—offers a color-coded keyboard graph that shows with which keys the student is having success and difficulty. It specifically lists the student’s most troublesome keys and typing techniques that are proving challenging for the student.

Throughout each section of the student progress report Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Classroom Edition suggests tactics for overcoming typing challenges and offers encouragement to students.

From the Progress Over Time report, clicking Print prints a shorter version of the Accomplishments page. This page includes the Progress Over Time graph but not the Mavis Beacon summary and recommendations.

Similarly, from the Keyboard Proficiencies report, clicking Print prints a shorter version of the Key Progress Report page. This page includes the color-coded keyboard graph but not the Mavis Beacon summary and recommendations. This is helpful if you’d like to provide students or parents with an abridged version of the student progress reports, or if you’d like to update your records but do not need to print out the entire report.

From the Curriculum Map report, you cannot print shorter versions of the student progress report. Rather, you can print student certificates. For more information about the certificates and printing process, see the Curriculum Map portion of the Teacher’s Area Reports section.