Class Default Settings

When you create a new class profile, the following default settings are automatically applied to the new class:

  • Language: English

  • Full Screen: On

  • Mavis Voice: On

  • Music: Off

  • Sounds: On

  • Custom background: Default (White)

  • Transparency: Maximum

  • Image Type: Simple

  • Keyboard Type: Standard

  • Typing Goal:

o Grade 3-5: 30 WPM, 100 KPM

o Grade 6-8: 40 WPM, 120 KPM

o Grade 9-Adult: 40 WPM, 140 KPM

  • Timer: Off

  • Guide Hands: On

  • Backspace Key: Off

  • End of Line Wrap: On

  • Disable WPM Gauge: Off

  • Spacing After Period: Two Spaces

  • Font Size: Small

  • Lesson Layout: Standard

Detailed information about each of these settings and how you can customize them for specific class profiles is outlined in the Editing Class section.