Road Trip


The Road Trip game helps you build your typing dexterity and speed. Navigate your car through a maze of letters to find the five items you need to leave on your road trip. The game becomes more difficult as your Typing Goal improves. When your Typing Goal is set at a greater WPM, you have less time to win the game.

  1. Type any letter next to your car to drive it through the maze.
  2. As you drive, your challenge is to collect each of the five items. You can see each item you need in the blue box on the left of the screen. The corresponding items appear in the maze. To win the game, you need to collect all of them before you run out of time.
  3. If your car hits smog—or a transparent bubble over a letter—a sentence appears and you must type it correctly to make the smog disappear.
  4. Watch out for smog monsters—the yellow and green blobs with red eyes! If you run into one, the game ends.