Practice Area

If your students would like to practice their typing between lessons or at any time during the program, they can click Practice Area to visit the Practice Area screen. In the Practice Area, they can practice their typing skills by choosing from a wide selection of Mavis Beacon practice text.

Before they start a new practice session, your students can browse through the list of categories on the Practice Session menu until they find one of interest. The area to the right of the scrollbar shows them how many words are in the file they have selected. They can use the up and down arrows to the right of the list to see more options.


To open a practice text file, they can either double-click the session name on the category list, or click once on the name to select it, and then click Start on the Lesson Dashboard.

NOTE: The program contains some dictation lessons that require audio. If your students want to repeat audio during a dictation lesson, they can press Ctrl+R. Pressing this key combination replays the last section of the dictation less.