Bubble Pop


Groove your way to improved accuracy and rhythm in the Bubble Pop game! The game becomes more difficult as your Typing Goal improves. When your Typing Goal is set at a greater WPM, the bubbles float at faster speed and appear on the screen more frequently. Also, there are three levels of speed in this game. First, the bubbles float slowly; next, they float at a medium pace; and, finally, they float quickly.

  1. To play Bubble Pop, type the letters on the bubbles as they float toward the top of the screen.
  2. Timing is crucial. You must correctly type the letters on the bubbles just as the bubbles move across the Typing Zone—the highlighted platform containing a string of small bubbles that the bubble dancers are standing on. Some part of bubble containing the letter must overlap the Typing Zone when you press the letter key for the point to count as part of your score.
  3. You can only make a certain number of mistakes in each level. If you exceed that number, the level ends.
  4. Type all the letters accurately and at the right time to win!