Crazy Catering


There’s a big dinner party going on tonight, but the caterer is nowhere to be found! Can you help save the dinner party by using your typing skills to cook a tray of tasty dishes? This game does not become more difficult as your Typing Goal improves.

  1. To play the Crazy Catering game, type three words of the same color and cook a dish that matches the color associated with the type of food on Le Menu—the menu hanging on the kitchen wall. For example, if you type three red words, you receive an entrée for the dinner party! If you type three differently colored words, you receive a dish that was randomly selected from the three corresponding food groups. For example, typing red, green, and purple words can result in a drink, salad, or dessert item on Le Menu.
  2. You need to serve each of the five menu items at the party. Keep an eye on Le Menu in the upper-right corner of the screen to see how many more menu items you need to cook.
  3. If you make an error, the game waits until you type the correct letter—but don’t take too long because the timer continues to count down.
  4. Each word on the screen begins with a different letter. For example, if the word game appears, no other onscreen word begins with the letter g. Once you type the first letter of a word, you must complete that word before starting another one.
  5. The timer is located below Le Menu.