Standard Block Style

​ February 29, 2004

Greg Matterion

V.P. New Accounts, Chroma Copier

15724 Ventura Blvd.

Studio City, CA 94216

Re: “XL-1000” service contract

Dear Greg,

As per our conversation of Tuesday, November 17, here is the completed service contract for our new “XL-1000” copier. We have decided to purchase the three-year contract instead of the standard one-year service guarantee. A check for the $375 total is enclosed.

Your assistant, Jerry Kershin, telephoned yesterday and went over some of the specifics of the contract. It is my understanding from him that we must provide insurance protecting our office staff as well as your company in the event of damage to or destruction of the leased equipment. For your reference, our insurance company is Travelstone Inc., located here in Los Angeles.

Thank you for the extra time and consideration you have taken in handling our account. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with Chroma Copiers.

​ Regards,

​ Marion Roberts

​ Office Operations

​ Enc.

500 REDWOOD BLVD. • NOVATO, CALIFORNIA 94947 • PHONE 319.378.7319

The standard block style continues with all elements flush left, with exception to the Date, Complimentary Close, and Reference. These begin at the center of the page. This form, while not quite as rigid as the full block style, is still very formal.