Penguin Crossing


The Penguin Crossing game helps build your speed and accuracy. The object of the game is to move your penguin by keeping it afloat on icebergs. You must correctly type the characters on the iceberg that your penguin floats on before it smashes into the Orca fin. The game becomes more difficult as your Typing Goal improves. When your Typing Goal is set at a greater WPM, the icebergs float more quickly, giving you less time to type the word correctly and move the penguin to the next iceberg.

  1. Once your penguin jumps onto an iceberg, type the characters on the iceberg as quickly as possible. If you make an error, the game waits for you to correct it before proceeding.
  2. Each time you correctly type a word on an iceberg the penguin jumps to the next iceberg. If you correctly type all the words, preventing the icebergs from smashing onto the Orca fin, you win the game!
  3. If you make too many mistakes or type too slowly, the game ends.