Properties of Section Lines

A line or polyline can be used to create a section view.

General Properties

Use the Attributes field to enter or edit characters you want to appear on the section line. The Text window contains formatting options for this text.


Text Properties

If you entered characters in the Attributes field of the General page, this window contains text formatting options.

img Position: Sets the side of the arrow where the text will be located. Gap: Moves the text away from the tip of the arrowhead. Adjustment: Moves the text in the opposite direction of Gap. Force Text Horizontal: Text will be horizontal regardless of the section line orientation.

Format Properties

These are properties that define the appearance of the section line, and the type of section created.


View Line Forward Side: Enables you to switch the viewing direction of the section line. Aligned View: Select this if you want the section to be created assuming the section line is "unfolded." If unchecked, the section will be created assuming a uniform viewing direction. Elbows: These are the thick additions to the section lines that appear at interior corners and at the ends.