Exploded View


(Available in Platinum, Professional, and Deluxe)


Default UI Menu: Format/Exploded View

Ribbon UI Menu:


This tool creates exploded view for a layout. User is able to pull apart the component along defined axes, X, Y and Z. In case of two axes, then the exploded view will be created along a plane, whereas, in case of 3 axes defined, the exploded view will be created in a 3D space. As a result, a block of the view is created in the blocks palette.

How to create exploded view:

  1. Draw any 2D/3D object

  2. Activate Exploded View

  3. Select the Axes from IB, along which you want to explode the view.

  4. Finish Selection.

  5. Define explode size

  6. Finish Exploded View

  7. Create Block prompt appears, give a name to the block and press OK

The block of the exploded view is created in the Blocks Palette.

Local menu options:


Keep Original: Keeps the original object as it is in the drawing.

Create Block: Block of the result is created.

Axis X, Axis Y, Axis Z: Axis along which the view has to be exploded.

Arbitrary Axis: Sets an arbitrary axis by two points for explode.


Exploded View is supported in Visualize Render. The exploded view can be rendered in Visualize Render mode.