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Getting Help

There are several ways to get help on any TurboCAD topic.

Default UI Menu: Help

Ribbon UI Menu:



Default UI Menu: Help/TurboCAD on the web/TurboCAD Forum

Ribbon UI Menu:


Go to and click User Forums. Choose the forum for the version of TurboCAD you have. The first time you enter the forums, you will be asked to register. Registration helps maintain your preference settings, and your real name and email address help us all interact with you better. The TurboCAD Forums are the place to get the absolute best technical support. All the support comes from other users, including professional experts (architects, engineers, and drafters) from all over the world, some using TurboCAD full-time. There are also a few IMSI Design employees and programmers participating. Ours are perhaps the most active forums in the CAD industry. It's free, and everyone is quite eager to help. In fact, forum users help IMSI develop and improve the software! Feel free to reply to a message, post a new message, or create your own new thread. Introduce yourself. Formalities are waived, and you are welcome regardless of skill level. This is where we get our questions answered and our struggles resolved on a regular basis.

Online Help

The Help menu provides access to the online help, which basically contains the same content as this book. The help is also context-sensitive, which can be accessed in several ways:

  • Click the Help button (question mark icon), then click on the tool button, menu item, tab, or palette in question.
  • Place the cursor over a button, menu item, or palette, or highlight a menu item, and press F1.
  • Press F1 while using a tool or window.
  • Press the Help button on a window.

To see a tool tip for an icon, hold the cursor over the button for a second or two. The tool tip will appear, showing the name of the tool.

Tip: Look in the Help menu to see a list of keyboard shortcuts.Look in the Help menu for the Tip of the Day for helpful hints.

Technical Support

Default UI Menu: Help/TurboCAD on the web/TurboCAD Support

Ribbon UI Menu:


Go to the support section of for detailed support options. Technical support is available by calling 1-800-833-8082 . Technical Support will work closely with you to solve any problems related to our software. Please give our support technicians as much information as possible. Remember that they are not in front of your computer and that they need your help to diagnose the problem. On occasion, a problem can be traced to hardware, or to another software application. Our technician will supply as much support as possible in these cases, but they are not authorized to support products manufactured or published by another company. You might find that e-mail is a more convenient way to get technical support. If you do send e-mail, provide as much information as you can about your system and about the problem.

Technical Support CheckList

You may already have the information you are looking for. Before calling, check this manual thoroughly. To receive the fastest response to your technical questions, please be in front of your computer with TurboCAD running, and be prepared to provide the following information before you call or send e-mail:

  • The type of computer and Windows version you are using.
  • The name, version number, and other information about your specific version of the product. (To find this information, select Help / About TurboCAD from the TurboCAD menu.)
  • The exact sequence of events that created the problem. Verify that you can reproduce the problem by following the same series of steps.
  • The exact wording of any error messages.
  • Steps you've taken to find the answer to your question, including resources used.
  • The results of any steps you have undertaken to resolve the problem.

Web Tutorials

Default UI Menu: Help/Getting Started Videos

Ribbon UI Menu:


There are several online demo tutorials that can be accessed from the page that appears in the Internet Palette. You need the Macromedia Flash plug-in to view these tutorials. These short, animated demos demonstrate some basic concepts about the user interface, and show you how to use some of the TurboCAD tools.

Help on the Internet

Default UI Menu: Help/TurboCAD on the web

Ribbon UI Menu:


Under the Help menu there is a sub-menu labeled Help on the Internet. Each item in the sub-menu opens to the selected web site to provide help.