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Find and Replace Text


(Available in all TurboCAD Variants)


Default UI Menu: Edit/Find and Replace Text

Ribbon UI Menu:


Find and Replace Text enables user to find a specific text in the drawing and replace it with another word with one click. With a wide number of advanced search and text options, user can search for the specific text easily and replace it with less effort.

How to Find and Replace Text

  1. Draw multiple text entities

  2. Activate "Find and Replace Text" tool

  3. It will open a Find and Replace dialog box


  1. Write the text to be found in the Find field and the text you need to replace it with in the Replace field.

  2. Click Replace or Replace All

  3. Click Done

    The text gets replaced with the new text.

Find and Replace Dialog Options

Find: Text that has to be found is written in the "Find" field.

Replace: Text that has to be replaced with is written in the "Replace" field.

Find (Button): Finds the text written in Find field in the drawing.

Replace (Button): Replaces the Text found in the drawing with the replace with text.

Done: Finishes the search and gives results of number of matched entities found and replaced in the drawing.


Advanced: This enables the advanced search options and text types for the tool.


Search Options:

Match Case: This finds the text in the same case as written in the "Find" field.

Find whole word only: Find the text as a whole word written in the "Find" field.

Search blocks: By default, find does not work for blocks, checking this allows the tool to search into blocks as well.

Ignore hidden items: This ignores the text as or in the hidden items.

Text Types

The following text types when selected are included in the text search function:

  • Block attribute value
  • Dimension or leader text
  • Single-line or multiline text
  • Table text