Detail Section



(Available in Platinum, Professional and Deluxe)

Default UI Menu: Modify/Clip/Detail Section

Ribbon UI Menu:


The section detail tool allows you to create a 2D detail section of 2D elements for part of your drawing. The Detail Section tool ignores 3D objects entirely.

  1. Select the Detail Section tool.
  2. In the Inspector bar specify the scale for the detail section.
  3. Select an existing, closed 2D shape (polyline, curve, circle) to act as the cutting contour for the section.
  4. Drag the detail to the desired location.

Note: Dimensions and text that are not entirely within the cutting contour will be ignored/excluded from the resulting detail section. Hatches within the detail area are not scaled in the resulting detail section.

Local menu option:

imge Trim by circle: If you select this option you define the cutting contour drawing a cutting circle. Simply select the center point of the circle, then the radius. After that you just drag the resulting detail to its new location.