Stretch Entity

(Available in Platinum and Professional)

Default UI Menu: Modify/Modify 3D Objects/Stretch Entity

Ribbon UI Menu:


Stretches a solid object along the length of a designated axis. Stretch actions can be stored in the Part tree, and adjusted later. img

img To stretch an entity:

  1. Select the solid.
  2. Select the first point for the axis, then the second point. or
  3. Select the Use line entity as axis option in the local menu or Inspector bar, and click on a line.
  4. Drag to set the angle and click to set the twist. or
  5. Tab into the Angle field, type the value and press the Enter key.

You can also set the degree of continuity G0, G1, G2 G0 — the curve or surface has continuous position; that is, it is a single piece with no gaps. G1 — the curve or surface has continuous normals (tangent planes); that is, it has no sharp creases. G2 — the curve or surface has continuous curvature. img img