The Zoom In command will enlarge the current view by 20 percent.

Zoom Out

The Zoom Out command will decrease the current view by 20 percent.

Zoom Previous

The Zoom Previous command will restore the zoom scale to the previous zoom setting.

Zoom All

This command calculates the extents of your drawing and zooms to a size that will fit the drawing in the current window. Extents are only checked for objects blanked on and in the current display layer set.

Zoom Window

Zoom Window prompts the user to define a rubber banding box which is used to describe the extents of a new window. This command will always enlarge the view, independent of how you start your banding box.

Zoom Home

Zooms to the default view used at start up. The default view scale is defined the File:Preferences:General controls.

Zoom Ratio

Scales the view up or down by a specified amount.

Zoom Scale

Zooms the view to a specific scale between window and model space.

Zoom Select

Zooms the view to the selected entities (includes edges and faces).