This software product runs on Macintosh® or Windows® computers that satisfy the following requirements:

Windows Recommended Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 64-Bit versions of Windows® 7, 8, or 10 ¹

Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® Athlon64™ class 64-bit processor

3 GB of hard disk space

8 GB of RAM

Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended) OpenGL/DirectX9 Compliant video card with 256MB of dedicated RAM

Macintosh Recommended Requirements

Macintosh® OS 10.10 through 10.14 or higher¹

x64 Intel® Mac®

3 GB of hard disk space

8 GB RAM or greater

Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended)


¹SharkCAD PC & Mac requires a machine with an operating system using x64 (64-Bit) architecture.


The application consists of a collection of files and folders extracted from the installer. The installer will decompress the following files and folders:

Punch! SharkCAD (Mac)

Application bundle used to launch the program.

EXE (PC Only)

The Exe folder contains the executable and shared libraries needed to run the application.


Folder where files are placed when using the Backup options for the application. This folder is located under your user directory.


ASCII files that serve as templates for Bill of Materials.


This folder contains a data file used in support of DWG and DXF translations.


The Environ folder contains a collection of preference files that are used to customize the look and feel of the application. This contains user settings for colors, line fonts, cross hatching, and keyboard short cuts.


This folder contains a collection of templates that are used to support the Model To Sheet tool.


The strings folder contains information needed to localize the application for different languages.


The Symbols folder contains a collection of files displayed under the Symbol tab of Concept Explorer.

Launching Punch! Shark

After installing the software onto your hard disk start the application by:

  1. Double-•clicking the Punch! SharkCAD folder to open it.
  2. Double-•clicking the Punch! SharkCAD application icon.

Punch! SharkCAD will launch and be ready to create your first model.