Additional Tool Options

Some tools contain additional options. The presence of these options are indicated by an arrow in the large icon, left of the tool name. By default, the additional tool palette will display just below the prompt.

If the additional tool palette has been closed, it will remain closed until you click on the arrow located in the large image icon. Drag to the left to keep the palette open permanently.


Tool Hints

To the right of the tool name in the prompt window are Tool Hints. Tool Hints display additional information regarding the current command. Hints may contain tool options controlled by hitting the Control or Apple keys as well as tips for using the tool.


In the above prompt window, the tool hints provide the following additional information regarding the

Selection tool:

Pressing the Shift key will add or subtract entities to the selection.

Pressing the Option key will copy selected objects if clicked and dragged.

Selecting from right to left will select any entity that crosses the select box.