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This User’s Manual is organized for both the beginner and the experienced user. It is designed as an introduction to the tools for new users, and as a reference guide to be used long after you have mastered the basics of the program. To accomplish these goals, this manual is organized into seven parts, each part covering a specific group of tools and operations.

TurboCAD Family of Products

This manual has been designed to support the TurboCAD family of products which consist of TurboCAD 2D, TurboCAD 2D/3D, and TurboCAD Pro. Callouts are made when the documentation is specific to a particular product. Since TurboCAD 2D is a 2D product, documentation pertaining to 3D features do not apply to this product.

Using This Manual

This manual is intended for the TurboCAD (Pro,2D/3D,2D) products. Features that are available only in TurboCAD Pro are labeled as follows:

(TurboCAD Pro Only)

To get the most out of this manual you should be familiar with the basics of using a computer. For example, you should know how to start up your computer and make menu selections, have some familiarity with using a mouse, and be able to manipulate windows. If not, please refer to your computer's owner guide. In addition, you should be familiar with some of the terms used throughout this manual regarding use of the mouse:

Mouse Command What you do:

Press Press and hold down the mouse button.

Click Quickly press and release the mouse button.

Point and click Position the cursor and then click the mouse button.

Double-click Click the mouse button twice in rapid succession.

Drag Move the mouse while holding down the button.

Control-click Press the control key and the mouse button. If you have a two-button mouse, press the right button (Right-click).