View a list of what was used in your project, preview the project, check it for errors, and add, save, or remove page guides.

Icon Descriptions.

Preview – View your project as a book, calendar, card, or as a print quality page.

Spelling – Check all text spelling in the project and displays a list of errors if it finds any.

Insert – Add page guides at specific ruler positions on your page.

Remove – Clear all page guides from the current project.

Save – Save the currently set page guides to a template that can be added later.

Template – Add previously saved page guides to the current project.


Preview – Preview the project as a book, calendar, card or print quality.

  1. Open the Project panel and click on the Preview icon.
  2. There will be different icons on top like Print, Zoom in, Zoom out, reset and close
  3. Print icon will show the print windows
  4. Zoom in will zoom-in the project in Print Preview windows
  5. Zoom out will Zoom-out the project in Print Preview windows
  6. Reset button will reset the project preview in Print Preview windows and will show the default size of image
  7. Close button will close the Pint Preview

Check Spelling - Check the project for spelling.

  1. Go to the Check Project Menu > Check Spelling.

  2. You may check a specific page or the entire album, then click OK.

  3. If the spell checker finds misspelled words, it will launch the Check Spelling dialog.


· Ignore – Leaves the current word as it is and moves on to the next misspelling.

· Ignore All – Leaves the current word and any identical words in the entire project as they are.

· Change – Replaces this instance of the word in the Not in dictionary field with the one in the Change to field.

· Change All – Replaces this and all subsequent instances of the word in the Not in dictionary field with the one in the Change to field.

· Suggest – If the spell checker doesn’t automatically provide alternate words in the Suggestions field, click on this button.

· Add – Places the current word into the dictionary and continues with the spell check process.

· Undo – When making multiple changes within the same text box, this allows you to return the last word you changed to its former spelling.

· Cancel – Exits the spell checker.

Check for Errors

Search the project for corrupt objects and missing files.

  1. Go to the Check Project menu > Check for Errors.


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