The main toolbar contains the most common program functions.


Icon Descriptions

  1. New Project – Opens the new project window.

  2. Open a Project – Open an existing project.

  3. Save – Saves the project in its current state to disk.

  4. Add New Page – Opens the Add New Page dialog.

  5. Print – Opens a print window for printing the project or individual pages.

  6. Export – Opens a window for exporting the project or individual pages in various formats.

  7. Cut – Removes a selected object to the clipboard to be pasted in another location.

  8. Copy – Copies a selected object to the clipboard to be pasted in another location.

  9. Paste – Applies the page object stored in the clipboard to the current page.

  10. Undo – Cancels the last operation.

  11. Redo – Restores the “undone” operation.

  12. Layers – Displays the options for adjusting object layer position.

  13. Page Guides – Display a guide to assist with accuracy when moving objects.

  14. Align Objects – Displays the options for changing the alignment of objects.

  15. Group – Fixes the position of objects in relation to one another

  16. Add Background – Add a background.

  17. Add Photo – Opens a window for importing a photo (jpg or png).

  18. Add Text – Creates a new text box on the page.

  19. Add Clip Art – Opens a window for adding clip art to the current page.

  20. Add Headline – Creates a new headline box on the page.

  21. Add Shape – Opens a window for choosing a shape.

  22. Spell Check – Checks the spelling on all pages and suggests changes.

  23. Tutorial– Opens a site with video tutorials, as well as other helpful resources

  24. Help – Opens the PrintMaster help topics.

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