Photo Effects

Photo Effects – Allow you to apply different effects to a selected photo

· Greyscale – In this there are shades from white to black, as used in a monochrome display or printout.

· Invert – It flips the bits that make up the pixels on the screen.

· Sepia – Applies a brown and white coloration to the photo.

· Sharpen – Increases the focus, or definition, of the photo.

· Brownie – It adds the mixture of orange and brown color in an Image.

· Vintage – It reflects the era it was created in.

· Emboss – Makes the photo look like foil has been placed over the photo, sculpted to the photo’s contours, and then colorized.

· Black & White – Transforms a color photo into a black and white photo.

· Kodachrome – It adds the reversal shades of color in an Image.

· Technicolor – It adds the Color Motion effects in an Image.

· Polaroid – It adds multiple layers of emulsion and dye in an Image.

· Brightness – Brightens the image.

· Gamma – Changes the brightness values of the gray tones without dramatically altering the shadows and highlights.

· Contrast – It increases or decreases the difference in light between Image or font and its background.

· Saturation – It increases or decreases the intensity of color in an image.

· Hue – It refers the RGB. It is a pure pigment.

· Noise – It refers to the power spectrum of a noise in an Image.

· Pixelate – It increases or decreases the Pixels in an Image.

· Blur – Softens the focus, reducing the definition of the photo.


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