Save your project as JPG, PNG, or PDF images for viewing and sharing.

  1. Go to the Share menu > Export.

  2. Select the Image Type, Pages and Size click Finish.

  3. Select the desired Export location (Example: Desktop) and click Save.

  4. A folder will be generated in the set export location with the image files inside.


Image Type – Select the type of image format you wish to create.

· JPG – Is a common image format compatible with all systems.

· PNG – Will maintain no background transparencies, like a clip art frame.

· PDF – Allows you to save all pages into a single document for easier viewing.

Pages – Select which pages are included with export.

· Pages with the check box in the upper left are selected for export.

· The Select All button will mark all pages for export.

· The Clear All button will clear all pages from export.

Image Size - Select a size for your exported files.

· Large (3600 x 3600), Medium (2400 x 2400), Small (1200 x 1200), Web/Email (600 x 600)

· Larger sizes will give a better quality for printing.

· Smaller sizes use less space and are easier to share or send in emails.

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