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Interface Reference

PrintMaster’s interface can be divided into five areas.

  1. Page Canvas—The canvas is where you will create the project by adding backgrounds, images, and other objects to the page.

  2. Page Thumbnails—The bottom area displays thumbnails of your pages. In additional you can delete or rearrange the page order.

  3. Resource Gallery—Add page elements from this panel onto the canvas with double-click or drag and drop.

  4. Menus and Toolbars—Most application functions can be access through this area.

  5. Design Tools – Add and edit your project elements using these panels.


Page Canvas

Add backgrounds, clip art, images, text, and other objects to create your projects.

Right-Click Options

Right-clicking on an empty page canvas brings up paste options.


Right-click on an object to bring up the following options:

· Bring to Front – Places the object on top of all other objects.

· Send to Back – Places the object behind all other objects.

· Bring Forward – Moves the object up one layer.

· Send Backward – Pushes the object back one layer.

Align – Provides the following options for aligning objects with each other, or the page:

· Top - Aligns all selected objects to the top-most object on the page.

· Middle - Lines up the vertical middle of each selected object.

· Bottom - Aligns all selected objects to the bottom-most object on the page.

· Left - Aligns all selected objects to the leftmost object on the page.

· Center - Lines up the horizontal center of each selected object.

· Right - Aligns all selected objects to the right-most object on the page.

· Center Vertical - Places all selected objects in the vertical center of the page.

· Center Horizontal - Places all selected objects in the horizontal center of the page.

· Space Evenly – Horizontal – Horizontally spaces each object equal distances.

· Space Evenly – Vertical – Vertically spaces each object equal distances.

Group – Fixes the position of objects in relation to one another so that they can be moved, resized, and rotated without changing their position relative to each other.

· Mirror Group – Mirrors all objects in the selected group horizontally.

· Flip Group – Flips all objects in the selected group vertically.

· Ungroup – Returns a group of objects to individual objects.

Round Corners – Allows you to toggle each corner of the image to round or sharp.

Set Photo as Background – Sets the selected photo as the page background.

Rip Photo Edges – Randomly rips one or more edges of the selected photo.

Attach to Shape – Select both a text box and a shape by holding shift, text will then fill the shape.

Detach from Shape – Removes the text from an attached “text to shape” object.

Hi-Res Preview – Shows a print quality preview of the selected object.

Cut – Removes a page object from the page, but saves it in memory.

Copy – Saves a page object in memory.

Paste – Paste the page object onto the page. Pasted objects will be slightly offset.

Edit Object – Object size, location, and information. Also lets you adjust the size.

Delete – Removes a page object from the page.

Lock Object – Locks the object so that it cannot be edited.

Unlock page Ojbect – If you right-click on a locked object, you may unlock it to edit it.

Span Pages – If you have page spreads enabled, use this feature to allow the image to span between pages, rather than being cut when it reaches the edge of the canvas.


Double-click a photo to open the crop function.

Double-click a photo box, to add a photo to the empty box.

Double-click a clip art or shape to bring up object settings.,

Double-click a text box to edit the text.

Double-click a headline to edit the headline.

Double-click a calendar to open the Calendar Settings window.

Double-click a paint box to add new brush lines or erase.

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