Headlines allow you to customize text further with image fill, stroke, shadows, etc.

Icon Descriptions.

Add – Adds a headline box to your page.

Font – Loads a drop down menu of available fonts.

Size – Set the desired size of selected headline from the drop down menu.

Style – Select B (Bold) or I (Italicize) to apply the style.

Opacity – Drag the slider left or right to increase or reduce the transparency.

Rotation – Drag the slider left or right to apply a rotation.


Adding Headlines

  1. To add a headline to a page open the Headlines tab and click on the Add icon.

  2. A headline box will appear in the middle of the page.

  3. Type your headline, the headline box will update with what is typed.

  4. Drag from the center of the box to adjust the position.

  5. Drag from the handles (small grey boxes) to adjust the size of the box.

· Please note that the text will stretch to fit the headline box and will adjust the font size.

· To enter edit mode (allows typing) double-click on the headline box.

· You may size and position headlines on the page while in edit mode.


Fill Tab

Fill the characters in a headline: Color, Image, and Texture.

· Toggle the Enable check box to apply or clear the fill.

· Select an option from the Fill Type drop-down.

  • Solid Color – Click on the Change Color square to select a color for the fill.
  • Image – Click on the Change icon to choose an image file to fill the headline. Double-click on the headline to adjust the image’s position in the headline.
  • Texture – Click on one of the Texture Options to fill the headline with that texture.

· Drag the Fill Opacity slider to increase or decrease the transparency of the fill.


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