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PrintMaster Menu

New Project – Closes the current project, and opens the new project window.

Open Project – Closes the current project, and displays options for opening existing project.

Recent Projects – Displays a list of recently opened projects. Click on a project to open it.

Close Project – Closes the current project.

Save – Writes the project in its current state to disk.

Save As – Writes the project’s current state to disk in a custom location with a new name.

Save Photo Layout – Create a layout for later use, using the current photo and text boxes.

Delete Project – Delete a project permanently from your hard disk.

Rename Project – Rename the currently opened project.

Print Setup – Opens the Page Setup window.

Print – Opens a print window for printing the project or individual pages.

Export – Opens a window for exporting the project or individual pages in various formats.

Clear Cache – Clear your cache memory and boost application performance in seconds with the addition of the Clear Cache tool.

Refresh – The Refresh feature enables users with a single click, to refresh the application, by closing the current project and resuming from you left off.

Exit – Closes the current project and quits PrintMaster.

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PrintMaster Menu