Icon Descriptions:

  1. Add – Add a selected photo to your page.
  2. Box – Add an empty photo box to your page that can be filled with a photo later.
  3. Border – Add a border around the selected photo.
  4. Shadow – Add a shadow to the selected photo.
  5. Effects – Apply effects such as black and white, sepia, etc. to the selected photo.
  6. Recolor – Recolor the selected image.
  7. Replace – Swap the selected image with a different photo.
  8. Crop – Crop unwanted portions of an image out of the selected photo.
  9. Left – Rotate the image left 90 degrees.
  10. Right – Rotate the image right 90 degrees.
  11. Remove – Deletes the photo from the page.
  12. Edit – Displays photo info and allows you to adjust the photo size and position.
  13. Opacity – Drag the slider left or right to increase or reduce the photos transparency.
  14. Rotation – Drag the slider left or right to apply a rotation.

Photo Recommendations:

Format - JPG or PNG.

Resolution - Roughly 300DPI (dots per inch) or higher recommended for printing.

Ratio - 4x4 inches (1200x1200 pixels) or larger for printing. Background or full page images should be 12x12 (3600x3600) or larger.

File Size - Roughly 10MB or less in file size. Larger files sizes can have trouble rendering.

Adding Photos

There are multiple methods for adding a photo to a page:

Add Icon.

  1. Select a page.

  2. Open the Photos tab.

  3. Click on the Add icon.

  4. Select an image from your computer and click Ok.


  1. Select a page.

  2. Select the Photo icon in the Resource Gallery.

  3. Double-click or drag and drop an image from the gallery list onto your page.


Photo Box.

  1. Add or use an existing photo box on the page.
  2. Double-click on the empty box.
  3. Select an image from your computer
  4. After this it will ask to save the image, click on Save and save the image after give location.
  5. Now Crop image and hit the button Apply

Drag and Drop. – You can drop images onto your page from Resource Gallery

Cop and Paste – You may copy and paste image files onto your page from one project page to other page in same project.

Borders - You may add a border or frame around a photo.

· Select a photo and click on the border icon to display the border dialog.


· Drag the Size slider to change the size of the border. (pixels)

· Click Change to choose a color for the border.

· Click OK to apply.

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