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PowerPack Overview

PowerPack extends the feature set of this application to add tools specific for repairing meshes and parts for 3D Printing, as well as add tools for Entity Management, and Advanced Modeling tools.

Mesh Tools

• Weld, Compact Vertices

• Close Simple Mesh Holes

• Remove Collapsed, Overlaps, Intersections Facets

• Flip and Rebuild Facet Normals

• Remove Collapsed, Overlaps, Intersections

• Flip and Rebuild Facet Normals

• Add, Delete, Split Facet

• Segment, Combine, Split Mesh

• Make Planar

Entity Management

• Spell Check

• Preview and Auto Layer

• Change File Units/Scale

• Rename

• Select by Feature, Name

• Change coordinates

• Select Same Shape

Advanced Modeling

• Surface Grid, Free Edge Identify

• Surface Plane Best Fit

• Average Two Curves

• Show Inflections, Minimum Curvature

• Shadow Projection for CNC

• Bitmap to Heightfield

• Unroll Surface

Mesh to Solid

• Mesh to Analytic Solid

• Align Mesh to Solid

• Compare Deviations Between Mesh and Solid

• Compare Deviations Between Two Solids/NURBs

PowerPack Menu

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Selecting PowerPack from the menu bar displays the popup below.



The Utilities Tool palette provides commands for a variety of entity management operations such as Assorted Colors, Preview Layers, Auto Layer, Isolate Layer, Change Scale, Spell Check, Rename, and Show By Name.

Mesh Tools

The Mesh Tools menu provides commands for verifying and repairing common issues with meshes such as welding vertices, locating free or manifold edges, repairing holes, and add/delete/combine/split facets.


The Draw menu provides additional construction methods for creating new geometry such as lines, circles, splines, and surfaces.


The Modify Tools menu provides commands for editing or repairing geometry such as curves, surfaces, or solids.


The Verify menu provides additional tools for validating and isolating common geometry issues for curves, surfaces, and solids.

Feature Selections

The Feature Selections tool palette provides commands for selecting objects by more specific attributes. For meshes, this includes selecting by vertex, edge or face and for solid features such as blend, protrusion, or face networks.

Power Pack Help

Provides access to Internet based help content for Power Pack.