A spur gear is a type of mechanical gear with straight teeth that are parallel to the axis of rotation. Spur gears are used to transmit power and motion between parallel shafts. They are simple and inexpensive to manufacture, and they are widely used in many different types of mechanical systems.

The Gear tool is in the Mechanical tool palette. A gear is created by specifying a variety of parameters displayed in the creation dialog box. .

Example 1. Select the gear tool from Mechanical tool palette

  1. Specify a location for the gear center

  2. The gear parameters dialog is displayed


  1. Specify the parameters below:

Number of Teeth


Pressure Angle


Involute Samples

Hole Radius

  1. Specify whether to create a 3D solid along with the 2D gear profile.

Enable the check box to create an associate 3D extrude solid with the 2D gear profile