Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains a list of pull-down menus such as filing, editing, and viewing. Some of the pull-down menus contain “hierarchical” submenus. A right pointing arrow in the menu identifies hierarchical menus. To access a pull-down menu simply press the mouse, move it to the desired option, and release the mouse button. To access options in a hierarchical submenu, move the mouse to the right and the submenu will appear. Continue holding the mouse until you are over the desired submenu option.


Menus with three dots (...) indicate that a dialog box will appear upon selection.

The Menu Bar contains the following items. These items, from left to right, are:

File Commands for opening, saving, importing, and printing files.

Edit Commands for copy, paste, cut, layer, resolution, and direction.

View Commands for changing the view orientation of your file.

Workplane Commands for creating, setting, and modifying the work plane.

Draw Commands for creating curves, surfaces, and solids.

Modify Commands for modifying objects.

Verify Verify geometry properties associated with an object. Properties include position, angles, length, areas, and mass properties.

Powerpack Powerpack extends the feature set of this application with 70+ additional tools for Entity Management, 3D Printing Editing/Repair, and Advanced Modelling

Window Commands for displaying tool palettes and windows such as Concept Explorer, Rendering, Snaps, and Object Masking.

Help Provides access to online help resources.